Friday, August 12, 2011

Ask Me Why

In one of my favorite books, one of the main characters (who is about to embark on a perfectly terrifying quest) is asked by another why she feels the pull to go on said quest.  The answer is one that has always struck me:

"..I have always believed that problems should be solved by those who see them -- that when a difficulty presents itself the person who becomes aware of it should answer it instead of trying to pass it to someone else"
-- Stephen R. Donaldson

And that just about sums it up.  If Jay and I had been able to have children, I doubt we ever would have considered adoption -- the fates of orphans around the world and in our own country seems very far away to families who have a warm roof over their head and Thanksgiving dinner.  But circumstances have not allowed us to sit at home with blindfolds on.  And so when we saw the HIV+ children -- who could live perfectly normal lives with the right medical care -- I couldn't look away.  I couldn't unsee these children, whether I wanted to or not.

And so there you go.  This is something that I won't ever pass to someone else.


  1. Thanks for posting on my blog....I am so happy to have found you, or that you found me! LOL! I am so excited to follow your journey alongside of ours. And, I *love* this post! What a phenomenal quote and truth about the fact that you cannot "unsee" these children. There is a need and it is not okay to walk by and ask who is going to help them without us figuring out a way to do our part.

  2. Great quote! I couldn't agree more.

    Thanks, too, for commenting on my blog. Wishing you all the very best on your journey!

  3. @Cynthia

    Thanks so much for stopping by! I have to admit, the fact that I can't wait to follow along with you guys -- there aren't many of us MoMos (and yes I am one!) out there blogging about HIV+ adoptions!